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Space tourism will lift-off in 2018 | The Economist

Space tourism will lift-off in 2018 | The Economist

Space tourism will take-off in 2018. As the race between spaceflight companies Virgin Galactic and SpaceX heats up, those who can afford it will be able to travel to low Earth orbit and possibly...

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Trump in two minutes | The Economist

President Donald Trump has spent one year in office. But what exactly has he achieved? Here's a two-minute snapshot of his presidency so far. Click here to subscribe to The Economist on...

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Open borders: the long-term perks and pitfalls | The Economist

Open borders could see global GDP rocket, but free movement around the world could have its downsides. We imagine a borderless world Click here to subscribe to The Economist on YouTube: http://eco...

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The struggles for independence and the impact of redrawing borders | The Economist

From Catalonia to Kurdistan and Quebec, many people are demanding independence. What does it take to transform a cultural identity into a nation-state? And what is the impact? Click here to...

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Should three-parent families be legally recognised? | The Economist

What does a modern family look like? The Economist's Matt Steinglass travels to the Netherlands where multiple-parent families–with up to four parents–could be recognised by law. Click...

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Welcome to the startup jungle | The Economist

Most new companies fail. What does it take for young entrepreneurs around the world to thrive in a startup hub? Click here to subscribe to The Economist on YouTube: http://econ.st/2A1ieeK...

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Brexit could end the age of \

Brexit is not only a concern for Britain's economic future, it's also threatening the country's “street cred”: 2018 could mark the end of “Cool Britannia”. Click here to subscribe...

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Xi Jinping, China's president, is the world's most powerful man | The Economist

Is Xi Jinping the worlds most powerful man? The world's balance of power is shifting. For the past five years president Xi Jinping, China's leader, has ruled with an iron fist and has been...

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Why does time pass? | The Economist

The equations of physics suggest time should be able to go backwards as well as forwards. Experience suggests, though, that it cannot. Why? And is time travel really possible? Click here to...

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Transforming cities with technology | The Economist

Cities are growing faster than at any time in history, straining services and infrastructure. Technology-driven advances are at the forefront of solving this age-old problem Click...

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How free electricity would change the world | The Economist

Imagine if heating and powering homes became free in the next decade. What would that mean for the world? Click here to subscribe to The Economist on YouTube: http://econ.st/2AjsewG Daily...

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The Balfour Declaration's impact, 100 years on | The Economist

The Balfour Declaration was penned 100 years ago, but its legacy still resonates in the Middle East today. How did a letter, only 67-words long, ignite 100 years of conflict? Click here to...

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Osaka: sushi, tattoos, and a flourishing nightlife | The Economist

Japan's second city has become the country's fastest growing tourist hotspot. Famed for its food, Osaka stands apart from other cities in Japan. A sushi chef, a poet and a tattoo artist show...

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Donald Trump’s big test in 2018 | The Economist

Donald Trump will face his biggest test as president in November 2018. A bad result in the mid-term elections could lead to his impeachment. Can Mr Trump unite and rally Republican voters?...

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What to expect in 2018, according to The Economist

With only three weeks left in 2017, The Economist is looking ahead. The magazine's Executive Editor, Daniel Franklin joins CBSN to discuss what to expect in 2018 from Pyongyang to Silicon Valley.

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Can extreme poverty ever be eradicated? | The Economist

Poverty rates have fallen faster in the past 30 years than at any other time on record. The UN wants extreme poverty to disappear by 2030. We assess the data to see if this is achievable. ...

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The Crash Is Coming! Prepare For The Imminent Economic Collapse & Stock Market CRASH!

Breaking News - U.S & Allies Threatens N. Korea: Sanctions Are 'Really Starting To Hurt' http://the-economist.purzuit.com/video/l_27UQeWU_U.html Will the economy finally collapse as predicted by many?...

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Religion, faith and the role they play today | The Economist

Religion and faith are an integral part of people's lives worldwide. But in many countries the number of people who believe in God is in decline. We examine the changing role of religion...

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What is consciousness? | The Economist

Understanding what consciousness is, and why and how it evolved, is perhaps the greatest mystery known to science. Click here to subscribe to The Economist on YouTube: http://econ.trib.al/rWl91R7...

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Why are women paid less than men? | The Economist

The gender pay gap is not caused by women earning less than men for the same job. It is largely because women choose different careers and suffer a “motherhood penalty”'. Click here...

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Las increíbles predicciones de The Economist 2018. (Algunas ya se cumplieron)

CANAL SECUNDARIO: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0R-Oc5xRtSuZpLA-5dT1MA SUSCRÍBETE: http://goo.gl/YCyVCK AYÚDANOS A SEGUIR CRECIENDO: https://goo.gl/Vmjvfz SIGUENOS EN LAS REDES SOCIALES:...

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Angela Merkel’s rise to power, in five steps | The Economist

Angela Merkel is expected to win her fourth term as German Chancellor. In doing so she would become Europe's most successful elected female politician. Her biographer, Jacqueline Boysen, tells...

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The dim reality of South Africa's new dawn | The Economist

In April 1994, South Africa held its first democratic elections and all races went to the polls to bury apartheid for good. But hopes of a new dawn have been tarnished by fraud and corruption...

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Urbanisation and the rise of the megacity | The Economist

Urbanisation is happening faster today than at any time in history. By 2030 nearly 9% of the global population will live in so-called megacities—cities with more than 10m inhabitants. Click...

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Oil and gas companies are facing major technological disruption

Pressure to reduce carbon emissions is putting the future of fossil fuel giants in jeopardy. Their survival plans involve carbon storage and floating wind farms. Meanwhile, one small German...

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The climate-change experiment | The Economist

Climate-change experts are researching ways to cool down the planet using geoengineering. How could spraying chemicals into the stratosphere help counteract global warming? Click here to subscribe...

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Why is Mecca having an $80bn makeover? | The Economist

Saudi Arabia is investing billions of dollars remodeling Mecca, home of Islam's holiest site—the Kaaba. Its plans include building the world's largest hotel. The aim is to double Mecca's...

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Las escalofriantes predicciones de The Economist \

CANAL SECUNDARIO: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0R-Oc5xRtSuZpLA-5dT1MA SUSCRÍBETE: http://goo.gl/YCyVCK AYÚDANOS A SEGUIR CRECIENDO: https://goo.gl/Vmjvfz SIGUENOS EN LAS REDES SOCIALES:...

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Foreign aid: who gives the most, and where does it go? | The Economist

Rich countries are giving more in foreign aid than ever before. But which countries are the most generous? Click here to subscribe to The Economist on YouTube: http://econ.st/2AAzFCG Rich...

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What could threaten Amazon’s empire? | The Economist

Amazon accounts for more than half of every dollar spent online in America and is the world's leading provider of cloud computing. But can the company avoid the attention of the regulators?...

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